Alchi Monastery

The Alchi Monastery is a Buddhist complex located in Leh District in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The Alchi village it is located in is comprised of four separate settlements. Of which the Alchi monastery is the oldest and most visited.

Alchi monastery

According to local tradition, the monastery complex was built by Guru Rinchen Zangpo sometime between the years of 958 and 1055, but the official credit goes to a noble Tibetan named Kal-dan Shes-rab in the late 11th century. Unlike most other monasteries The Alchi is built on flat ground overlooking the Indus River, others are generally located on high mountain tops or hills. The complex is made up of three different structures.

  • The Du-khang
  • The Sum-tsek
  • The Manjushri Temple

The Du-khang is both the largest and oldest structure of the monastery, and is the most used area by the monks for their ceremonies.

Du-Khang monastery

The Sum-tsek is the second largest structure of the complex and houses the tallest of the statues of Maitreya Buddha. The third structure is the Manjushri Temple which is a free standing structure that is built around four images of Manjushri.